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Since the beginning of crypto, and increasingly during the first Ethereum ICO boom, projects have been aggressive in marketing their token and their project. Most infamous for shameless, baseless, and extremely greedy promotion is crypto slumlord Justin Sun. For the less experienced crypto “investor” it can be alluring to simply “follow the money” of what is pumping or being heavily promoted, and jump into that for what appears to be a safe investment.

However, as we have seen over time, a lot of projects have been losing market cap, shown little utility or real usage and use cases, and overall…

Staking statistics on 08/24/20 —

As we’re in the early stages (or officially) of a potential bull market, there are projects new and old making major gains. As I have emphasized in previous posts, my goal is to find blockchain projects that are first and fundamentally, secure, and equally as important, efficient with high utility and demand.

Theta Network has been developing and running their dual token (Theta and Theta Fuel) custom proof-of-stake blockchain for over two years. The team has done an amazing job covering the entire video delivery vertical and working to integrate their value proposition into the video-meets-consumer internet infrastructure.

Roughly 2/3…

This post focuses on one of two ways to earn the token/cryptocurrency Theta Fuel within the Theta Network dual token blockchain! This blog post will focus on earning by streaming via the Edge Node app on your Windows PC or Mac OSX. This is also known as “caching” or “relaying” data, and is how anybody in the world can easily earn crypto!

The other method of earning is through “staking” Theta (or as some people generically know as mining). The staking method will be discussed in another post. Now we will focus on how to earn crypto with your home…

I’ve been writing about crypto investing for the past few years, with a large focus on my favorite blockchain project, Theta Network. But how did I land on Theta? After deep diving into the majority of the crypto projects on the Top 100 coins, and experiencing the ICO craze of 2018, I’ve become very focused on finding projects with the greatest real world, global, and immediate utility. For more background on utility tokens, read my post to learn why they grow and retain the most value through the greatest inherent business principle, supply and demand. …

Due to COVID-19, governments around the world are implementing quarantine policies to help prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus. People staying home has shown a benefit in average user time on tech platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and of course the biggest beneficiaries, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. As people stay at home to prevent human interactions (which spread the virus), they are furthering the “Netflix and Chill” activity of relaxing at home and binging their favorite shows, movies, animations, and documentaries.

With so many people watching HD videos (YouTube/Netflix) at the same time…

What’s the latest with Theta Network? Please read the first installment of this post “Why Should I Invest in Theta” @ prior to reading this one.

Theta Network is a unique project from a utility and investment perspective. The project is currently still not as well known as other projects (XTZ, LINK, TOMO, XRP, etc) but has arguably as much, if not more, utility for the average internet user globally.

Rather than rehash (no pun intended) the previous post “Why Should I Invest in Theta” this post will be a continuation with updated info, new catalysts, and exciting developments…

from Official Theta Blog @

Theta Fuel: The high frequency operational token used in all areas of the Theta Network

As the markets have been volatile, and the amount of projects is dizzying, I wanted to write this post to remind people of the value of TFuel, and Theta Network as a whole. I also want to expand on the recent article from Theta’s official blog @ I am referring to their Mainnet 2.0 and 2020 Roadmap article.

Example of a mass phishing scam
Sad spam message, probably worked :(

I have seen too many people fall to scams on Twitter, Telegram, and read about countless others getting scammed via DNS (MyEtherWallet), clipboard malware (copy/pasting wallet address scam), and the list goes on.

My goal in writing this article is to address the overall goal of scammers and their psychology, as well as the counter-scammer psychology that you will need to save you thousands of dollars, and incalculable heartache.

This article will not teach you to be a guru. As a longtime technologist I have been following technology and scams, a large part of which consists of reading Brian Krebs…

This post is my perspective on some of the major Theta developments planned per the roadmap from July ‘19-December ‘19

Photo from “Roadmap” Tab

Before moving forward, if you have not read Part 1 of this post, please do so @

The Theta team has been exceptional with product development and have been flawless on meeting roadmap goals (minus Mainnnet but it was all for the best). When I saw the updated 2019 roadmap, I immediately became excited about further product and blockchain development.

Launch support for video on demand (VoD) in Theta Mesh Streaming Network

VOD, video on demand, is the “other…

Theta Network’s Roadmap, which I highly recommended, most interesting project from the current quarter (Q2) is the beta release of their “Universal Edge Cacher” (UEC) client. Theta is still a relatively unique and complex blockchain project involving multiple areas of technology: networking, video, social, tokenomics, B2B2C Biz Dev, etc. Thus, understanding the importance of the UEC will provide insight into the scalability and adoption of the Theta Network on a global level.

The Universal Edge Cacher is similar to a torrent (p2p) app, but you actually earn real money, and don’t have to deal with leechers. With a torrent app…

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