Greetings! This is my first post.

A Crypto Consultant
3 min readMar 22, 2018


This is my first post on Medium, and it’s exciting! I have successfully been investing in the stock market for over ten years, as well as the crypto markets for the past three years. My late teen and early adult years were spent studying psychology and human behavior. At UC Santa Barbara, I earned my BA in Sociology, with an emphasis in Anthropology. I have a passion for social behavior, consumption, and trends.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency with the purpose of empowering others to make informed decisions in this new and uncertain ecosystem. There are so many gateways to navigate, accounts to manage, passwords to encrypt, tokens to purchase, and worst of all, a new scam everyday attempting to ruin all your hard work!

Beyond providing educational articles, I also plan to share my journey in looking for the best possible projects within the intersection of technology, globalization, economics, and business. Join me and my ramblings on the crypto markets and tokens of the future!

Analysis Style: Fundamental

Investment Style: High-Growth

Hobbies: Climbing, Documentaries, Reading and watching Stand-Up Comedy.

Full Disclosure (Crypto): $NANO, $THETA, $OMG, $QTUM


Q: Why do I own so many stocks but so few crypto?

A: You will notice I am more diversified in my stock market holdings as compared to crypto. My investment style is aggressive, high-growth, which lends itself to the technology sector, as you can see from my stock investments in US and Chinese companies. In crypto, I am currently holding only NANO and THETA . I am highly selective, not just because there is an abundance of projects and scams, but also due to the severe lack of useful, adoptable, and scaleable projects. An example, at the moment, is that generally few people are using their crypto to transact in day-to-day purchases. This is can be attributed to several factors, but many people agree that the primary reason is that people see crypto as a high-yield investment. Thus, spending crypto right now would be counter to the idea of investing in a high-yield prospect in the first place. This is one example of a near-term lack of usefulness and adoptability . It is more effective to use a credit card to pay for an item and earn “mileage points,” rather than use fiat to purchase crypto, and then use that same crypto to buy lunch.

In my next post, the first official article debuting after this intro, I will cover the three most important rules in crypto… Here is a sneak peak:

  1. YOU are your 1–800-Crypto. As many in crypto say: “You are your own bank”. What this means: You control all your accounts, passwords, and transfers. If you have an issue or are confused about a protocol, there is no 1–800 number to call, and Googling might lead to more questions than answers. Crypto is definitely not rocket science, but managing all this data and money transfers can become cumbersome and confusing. There is no customer service number to call; nobody can help you recover a lost account or money sent into the void. Be extremely careful!!! I repeat, be extremely careful and conscious of each step of every process.
  2. As with all investments, “Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.”
  3. Diversify! Diversify not only your crypto portfolio, but some HNW investors recommend keeping no more than 5% of your total net worth in crypto, as compared to stocks, real estate, low-yield, savings, etc.

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only. Do not use any information provided by myself or this blog as professional/financial/legal advice or personal suggestion. Please seek financial, legal, and accounting professionals before making any decisions with your money.



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