Who are the Best Crypto Analysts on Social Media, and should you trust them?!

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3 min readApr 26, 2018
No one person has enough time to process all this data. Who can we trust as valuable sources of information in this emerging crypto market? (© https://www.careerbuilder.com)

In the world of social media, everybody wants to gain followers, build their brand, and ultimately become an influencer. However, there is so much noise out there! Some people like to go straight to pillars of industry for high quality in formation and consensus. Within this emerging crypto space, there is little consensus or “right answers” when investing/speculating. However, having a good pool of resources to work with is important for any investor and strategist. This post provides links to some of the best crypto minds in the industry who all have respectable track records.

Rather than reinvent the wheel I went through dozens of different blogs and decided to present two strong blog posts. The first post is is a pretty exhaustive list of the 25 best known traders who post regularly on social media. The second link is CoinDesk’s list of the best analysts and traders in 2017. These two posts give great context from every corner of the industry: wall street vets, financial analysts, tech geeks, sports gamblers, and more.

Rule of thumb, always #DYOR. We all get a lot of useful information from social media, which is one advantage of social networks. However, it is our duty to always stay ahead of the curve by reading news, doing research, and questioning others (as well as their intentions).

My favorite FA guy: Store Of Value Blog @ http://storeofvalueblog.com

I have been following his analysis and market pulse for about a year. I have learned a lot from his analysis, as well as discovered and invested in projects partly based on his analysis. Full disclosure, after being a fan of his for one year, we met in person to talk crypto and blogging. I like him because of his tech knowledge and “deep dive” analysis which fully explain a specific crypto project’s team, technology, sector, and business prospects. He, like myself, only cares about the merits of a project, not about manipulating the price, pumping the token, or forcing unmerited publicity.

My favorite TA guy: Ched’s Trading @ https://twitter.com/BigCheds

He just beat stage 3 cancer and has been documenting it all. Meanwhile, he is a great educator, very active on social media, and provides informative technical analysis on the biggest crypto projects.

CoinDesk’s Top 5 Analysts and Top 5 Traders. More unique:

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