Why is Theta Network not marketing more and what you can do right now?!

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3 min readNov 25, 2020
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Since the beginning of crypto, and increasingly during the first Ethereum ICO boom, projects have been aggressive in marketing their token and their project. Most infamous for shameless, baseless, and extremely greedy promotion is crypto slumlord Justin Sun. For the less experienced crypto “investor” it can be alluring to simply “follow the money” of what is pumping or being heavily promoted, and jump into that for what appears to be a safe investment.

However, as we have seen over time, a lot of projects have been losing market cap, shown little utility or real usage and use cases, and overall the majority of blockchain projects have no real reason to exist. Greed has been around forever and is why there are over 1,000 publicly traded blockchain projects, and why their tokens have value while not really being utilized much. Then there are straight up scams and rug pulls happening left and right. Case in point, marketing and promotion are important for real products and awareness, but in the blockchain world, is not always what it seems.

Theta Network is an infrastructure development, thus their target audience is CTOs (Chief Technical Officers) within organizations whose business heavily relies on content delivery. This means that the Theta Labs team is more interested in spreading awareness among key players within video platforms and other businesses who have heavy costs associated with content delivery. Theta’s goal is to expand into all areas of content delivery where the Theta Network can help make traditional delivery systems more efficient. These include their main function, delivering video, in addition to console/video game patches (often several gigabytes and highly concurrent based on when they are released and when gamers begin downloading soon after), video advertisements, and all other highly concurrent large data deliveries.

Thus, to reiterate, Theta Network is more interested in onboarding the key players who will be utilizing their decentralized peer-to-peer data delivery infrastructure rather than marketing their edge node, or their tokens, to the average crypto noob who doesn’t even understand the greater technology. The Theta Network technology and value proposition is vertical in that it spans from the edge node consumer to the video platform, to the publisher, and even affects online video advertisements (check out their partnership with ChainLink!). Therefore, advertising to the end user, the edge node operator or the casual investor, will not help the actual Theta Network grow.

The best form of marketing for Theta Labs is getting large platforms to integrate the Theta Network infrastructure thus providing more value down the funnel, from increasing user engagement on video platforms, to their users donating/purchasing products, on to the edge node operator who will be helping relay data to their neighbors. Additionally, the more platforms that join the network, the greater the network utilization on all ends, higher token demand, thus creating genuine and natural utilization and price increase, as opposed to hype or FOMO.

The next time someone pops up in the Theta Network or Theta Investor telegram group, do them a favor and send them this link. Remind them to download the Edge Node app and to do their part to “promote” the Theta Network by actively participating in it, researching it, and educating others! Each Edge Node and Guardian Node is counted on the official network stats live infographic on ThetaToken.org website, and the more nodes we have, the more attractive we appear to corporations who are interested in joining the Theta Network. The best promotion of this project is having as many nodes as possible, and of course, more adoption from big media and network players in technology.

Read my post on how to earn Theta Fuel (TFuel) using the official Theta Network edge node — https://medium.com/@acryptoconsultant/how-to-easily-start-earning-the-hottest-utility-token-in-crypto-theta-fuel-tfuel-right-now-7ffcc0bdf100

We can do our part to educate and organically promote this project, so let’s do it!



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