Why Should I Invest in Theta?

Utility and Function

Best Real World Use Case of all Crypto Projects!

Team + Major Partnerships


  1. It is difficult to understand the technology, let alone the value proposition, especially as a vertical.
  2. There are more popular and hyped projects. Theta is not on any American exchanges, it’s still in development. Theta will be ready for full growth in 2020 per their most recent roadmap. In other words, there was not a lot of catalysts to move the stock. This leads to the last reason…
  3. The general crypto market has been ice cold. Bitcoin has failed to rally. Crypto investment infrastructure is being built at a rapid pace with institutional exchanges and custody, and increased trading derivatives globally. 2019 was a slow year, but the market didn’t dry up or disappear. Lot’s of people wanted to think crypto was dead, that’s not the case, there is a real demand for this technology.




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A Crypto Consultant

A Crypto Consultant

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